For my group presentation we were assigned to present a presentation on “Pioneers of Post Modern Graphics Design”. Each of us were to pick an artist that inspires the movement of postmodernism. I chose Wolfgang Weingart as my inspiration and concluded to research his background, history and some of his largest achievments throughout his career. I then made them into slides including relevant images and information referencing the websites and books that i used to find out information on Wolfgang Weingart. 

I found out many interesting facts about Wolfgang Weingart from this task some of the information include:

Wolfgang was born in 1941 in salemertal in southern germany and attended the merz akademie in stuttgart from 1958 to 1960, where he familiarised himself with typesetting and the process of making linocuts and woodcuts. after this he trained as a typesetter and discovered swiss typography.

Wolfgang started his career making linocuts and woodcuts, he progressed this onto becoming and typesetter and finally finished with typography and graphic design. Wolfgang began a typesetting apprenticeship froals, althm 1960-1963. He started to break typography rules and letters of right spaced, underlined angle, reorganised and reshaped them.

Wolfgang achieved many different pieces of artwork throughout his career. Some of the most famous pieces and ideas Wolfgang had were: Kunstgewerbemuseum, a poster that was created by Wolfgang in 1981, the poster was created when Wolfgang began to experiment with laying lithographic film, the transparency allowed him to layer script and images over one another.

The “letter M”, is a series of studies which began in 1962 and evolved over a period of years as he experimented with new concepts and techniques.

The Swiss Poster was created in the late 1960’s as Wolfgang had a desire for experimentation into the ossified Swiss typographical industry and reflected this renewal in his own work.

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