Christian Torralbo

Christian Torralbo is a Graphic& audiovisual designer based in Barcelona (Spain). Christian started his designing career studying Aeronautical engineering, although not being interested in this Christian began to learn in many different areas such as motion graphics, branding, 3D modelling and game design.  Christian has knowledge in many different areas such as; logo design and branding, html and css, rebranding, videos and photography , motion Graphics, Sketching, 3D modelling& Animation and final UX/IU, making him very useful in the Design industry.

Christian Torralbo has worked for many companies throughout his career such as:  vueling, transit, Ajuntament de Sant boi de llobregat and Tecnogasa.

I first came across Christian Torralbo when researching well known Interaction Designers. I was inspired by Christians minimalistic badges he created before the world cup in 2018. I thought the badge he created were well thought out and well executed. 

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