A Monogram is a design that incorporates two or more letters that have been connected in some way or another. The letters might be interlocked, surrounded by a border or unique artwork, or simply arranged in a striking way. A monogram might also refer to a single, decorative letter that appears on an object to add style, and mark ownership.

When I began exploring monograms on Tumblr I came across a professional lettering artist and Graphic Designer called Ritchie Ruiz. Ritchie Ruiz has been a active professional lettering artist and Graphic designer from 2009. He uses his many different skills to create beautiful and unique monograms. Ritchie Ruiz has his own corporate monogram that he created himself, he uses his monogram on all of the social media sites he uses to show his designs, making himself well recognise throughout the industry.

I have attached below some video clips showing how Ritchie Ruiz progresses and creates his designs.

Ritchie Ruiz social media:

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