Google Trips

Google Trips makes it easier than before to plan and organise a holiday or day trip depending on your current location.Google Trips automatically maps out a full day or half day with many suggestions of things to do and see. Google Trips provide many different categories depending on what the user is looking for, the options provided are:

  • Reservations
  • Things to do
  • Saved places
  • Day plans
  • Discounts
  • Food and drink
  • Getting around 
  • Need to know

I feel as though Google Trips is a brilliant example of a travel app as its very simple and easy to navigate and control due to its images and illustrations. The layout of the app is well organised making it easy to use for people who find it difficult to control technology.

From the “Your trips” home screen, tap Where do you want to go? and enter the destination (or the first destination, for multi-destination itineraries) in the search box.

Once you’ve entered a place, you’ll see the home screen for that destination.

Tap Create trip to add the destination as a new trip. Make sure to select the dates and any additional destinations.

Tap Done to save to Your trips.

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