Master Apprentice Icon Recreations

One of our first tasks for the  module IXD104 was to recreate the above travel icons using illustrator or Sketch. We called this exercise Master Apprentice exercise as we are taking icons that have already been created then recreating them as close as we can to the originals. This task was to show us how icons can be made from simple shapes coming together. I feel as though this task will be a big help to me when i come to creating my own travel icons for my app.

I recreated the BLUE icons above and changed them to RED. I recreated these icons using the software Sketch. I am relatevely new to sketch and have very basic knowledge of how to work the software although I feel as though I gained general knowledge recreating the icons.

 This was my first attempt at a master apprentice exercise I know the icons aren’t exactly the same but I am proud that I was able to create icons even similar.

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