After carrying out my digital mood board of monograms and typefaces that inspire me around Belfast City Centre I decided to look for more inspiration using newspapers and magazines. I created this mood board by cutting and sticking interesting logos and Monograms.



If you can make a bird out of circles, then you can probably make all sorts of animals. I wanted to add something more design-based to my portfolio, so I made that my personal challenge. The idea was to draw animals from exactly 13 circles, and I decided to match that number by making 13 animals. This makes for a nicer title for the project, and it helps to get others to share it around the web, too. Knowing what you want to create early on helps, because then all you have to do is figure out ways to make it happen.

This is a good technique to try because it got me into the habit of breaking down shapes and not looking at a illustration or sketch as a whole. I am starting to break down shapes making them easier to illustrate.

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