Colour Combinations for Monogram

The above image shows examples of what colours represent what. The meaning behind colour is the feelings you get when brought into contact with that colour. Designers use the use of colour to not only give their brand a corporate identity but to also reflect the personality traits that matches the company. I am going to consider the meaning behind colours when I am choosing the final colours for my Monogram.

Use of Colour in the New identity for the City of Melbourne

During this weeks lecture we looked at colour and the theory behind it. How colours can be collaborated to work with monogram and logo designs

One of the designs that we focused on in our lecture was the nEW cITY OF Melbourne identity which was designed in 2009, the logo created in 2009 replaced their old logo which was created in the 1990′s. designed by Landor Associates, they needed to set up a few needs that the brand needed to meet, these included.

  • Consolidation of multiple logos into a single, strong, cutting-edge design
  • Better identification of services City of Melbourne is delivering
  • Greater brand impact and flexibility
  • More cost and time-effective in-house design and brand management

The “leaf” logo created in the 1990′S has been in use now for 15 years and was found to be outdated, weak when compared to other national and international city brands and with a score of additional logos leads a somewhat fragmented image.

As a result, Melbourne’s annual design costs are said to be nearly $100,000 and their new unified brand images is set to negate this. Last but not least, is some printed collateral to accompany their new brand image.

Below are a dozen alternate colour schemes, as well as the final mark which is said to represent the cultural and artistic nature of Melbourne.

The city of Melbourne, Australia invested in re-branding themselves, replacing their old identity and logo that was designed in the 90’s. The goal: to create a hip, vibrant, trendy brand that captures the city’s dynamic character. The city represents sustainability, innovation, and a sense of culture. It was important to the city that the new identity reflected this.

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