Above are another two examples of how infographics can be created differently. The first and second infographics are both about office syndrome. Although the second infographic has a lot more text on it believe it or not the first one shows more information about office syndrome using illustrations. it shows us information on  what happens to our internal bodies due to office syndrome and the outside of our bodies, it also gives us exercises that could possibly help with pains due to office syndrome, whereas the second infographic wastes a lot of space explaining what a headache is, neck pain, shoulder pain etc. Comparing these infographics made me realise that text isn’t everything, if the infographics illustrations are clear and accurate words aren’t necessary. 

INFOGRAPHICS Master Apprentice Exercise

We got a task set by Kyle. We have been starting to move on from our other IXD104 task which was travel icons and illustrations of different cityscapes, we are now moving on to our final project which is to create a infographic that has to be based all around POPULATION. We got set the task to recreate graphs and pie charts to help us learn for our own infographic. I used Adobe XD to recreate these charts and graphs.

Graph 1 

I found this graph easy enough to recreate as it was just a circle with blocks of different colours. I found it difficult to match the colours from the original perfectly. I also found it difficult to find the exact font for the “25″, to find away around this is I decided to use the magic wand tool to create the 25 out of lines. When tackling this graph I also leant how to include a gradient to the shape so it can fade into a different colour. 



Graph series 2

I found these graphs easy to create and i am quite happy with the way they have turned out. The graph i found hardest to recreate was the bottom left graph as it was difficult to get the curve perfectly rounded. I tried many different tools on dove XD to try and get the curve perfectly however I ended up simply using the line tool and drawing the curves.

Original Graph 


My recreation 


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