Crazy 8 challenge


Today in class Chris focused on opening up our minds to 8 different quick ideas that I could consider focusing my digital product on. I found this challenge difficult but i found it very helpful as I didn’t have time to overthink each of the ideas, they came straight from my head to paper.

Idea 1:

For my first idea I considered making a E-book on how to show a dog in competitions. I could include thinks like the different parts of the dog, the different breeds and what makes the best breed standard of a dog. I found this would be a good idea as I have had an interest of showing dogs from I was a very young age and would like to help others learn.

Idea 2:

The next idea I considered was a tutorial on making Icons, possibly making different animals, pets, rainforest animals and extinct animals. I find it fun making icons and would enjoy making this tutorial

Idea 3:

The next idea I considered was a gardening book. My grandfather and mother are very into gardening so I could gather top tips and help from them. In this book I could show how to grow different vegetables and flowers with the conditions that they must be kept in.

Idea 4:

For the next idea I considered making a magazine on wood turning. I thought of this idea as it is a huge passion to my grandfather! He loves making pens, animals, clocks and anything you can name out of wood and ceramic blocks! I’ve always told my Granda that if he was to teach others he could spread this talent and allow others to make his beautiful designs.

Idea 5:

The next idea I had was creating a book on cityscape illustrations with basic shapes. I thought that this idea would be the most helpful to UX and UI designers as it could be a quick course to teach them how to illustrate.

Idea 6:

The next idea I had was a tattoo help book, this would be the less practical idea I would do as I don’t have many tattoos and would have to do a lot more research into this. I could apply how to consider what to get, what makes a good tattoo and how to find the perfect one for you!

Idea 7:

How to draw portraits, I could do a book on how to draw proportions of the face.

Idea 8:

Photoshop. I could do a course online that will teach others how to edit photographs on photoshop. This idea wouldn’t suit me as much as I am not very experienced with photoshop.

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