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Drawing and Illustration for Beginners – CPD Certificate

I looked at this course that is online and available to all users, It gave me a feel to what I would include in my own digital product, by looking at the overview, target audience, requirements and possible career paths that this course offers, I was able to get a feel for the top things I would like to teach the user of the tutorial. As well as helping with the content of my tutorial, this beginners tutorial also gave me an idea of what price I would like to aim my tutorial towards.

The cost of this tutorial is £10 inc VAT, the tutorial is usually £99 but is offering a limited deal. The tutorial is a life time course, that can be watched entirely on the pace the user is learning. If the user finds a lesson hard to understand, they are free to rewatch the tutorial they paid for to gain more practice before moving to the next stage- I feel that this is something to consider when creating my own Illustrative tutorial. 

By looking at this course, I also found out that it can be worth CPD points/hours. I did not know what CPD points were until looking into this 10 hour tutorial course.

  • ”This course is accredited by The CPD Certification Service, The CPD Standards Office or another CPD accrediting body. This course will contribute the listed number of hours toward your Continued Personal Development goals”

Overview to the course. 

“Everyone can learn to draw once they know these simple art techniques. Start drawing immediately and develop your artistic passion by following these inspiring videos!”

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