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My PortfolioSection 1: Where I study and what I am doing

Hello, my names Anna Letterman and I study IXD at Ulster University (Belfast). I have been working on many different projects in Art collage, creating wireframes and prototypes, designing icons and illustrations. I hope you enjoy the Case Studies I have been working on as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Section 2: Personal Branding

Section 3- My Infographic on 9/11

Section 4-My Travel Application

Section 5- Illustrations for fun

Case Study 1: Personal Branding

This is the first Project that I worked on, I created many monogram and visual marque sketches perfecting each one as I went along to find the perfect fit for my brand, as well as creating a Monogram and Visual Marque for my brand I also worked on creating a set of Brand Guidelines that will allow people to use it efficiently .

  • Check out my blog process and Digital research


On of the first tasks I was given in IXD103, was to create my own Personal branding that fits my personality and what I like as a designer. I completed this task by creating a Monogram made up of my initials,  a wordmark that can fit together with my monogram following a single line theme and a set of Brand Guidelines showing how not to use the branding I created and how to use it. I created my own branding so my work and future designs can be identified as my own. I first began by conducting research on who I am as a person, am I bright and bubbly or and am I dark and plain, gaining an understanding of the individual I am helped me create a brand that fitted me perfectly. I will now show you how I began my designs:


To start of the design of my monogram, I looked at many different styles of monograms created by designers, I carried this out by looking at many different books and carrying out online research. I then thought of the perfect monogram Idea for me was to combine the A and L of my initials together so that it is one long line. It took many attempt to find the structure of the A and L, until I thought of using a circle as an outline so the a and l was even in the middle and followed a nice circle structure. After I had the Basic structure of how  wanted the monogram to look I then started to think about which colour I wanted my monogram outline to be, whether I want it with a noticeable circle outline around it, whether I wanted the circle to be filled with colour. I explored this using many different fill colours and outlining colours, although the best I feel worked for me  was pink as it is a bright and happy colour.

Visual Marque

Through the ue of many sketches and research I had to start thinking of a suitable Monogram that will fit with my monogram colours and theme. The first Idea I had that really stood out to me was using a line drawing for my visual mark, I used many books to gain ideas of other designers that have created visual Marques using the one line theme I was going for, I also enjoy drawing so I created many line drawing sketches to find which is perfect for my brand. I came to the conclusion that  I would use a dove as my visual marque, as they are very graceful and beautiful animals reflecting peacefulness and good vibes, exactly what I want my brand to represent. When I decided the structure of my visual marque I then concluded research on the the City of Melbourne and why they used specific colours, and known colour combinations. I then decided I would use blue as the fill for the the visual marque as its a dove, I felt blue would fit the theme of peace, also I love the colour blue so a win win.

Word Mark

After creating my Visual mark and Monogram I began to look at which typeface would match my brand. By doing this I found out which typefaces would match my brand and which type faces wouldn’t. I learnt that for me brand I needed a plain and simple text maybe following a one line theme like my monogram and visual mark. I found that the font style arial, was a good font for my brand as it is plain and basic, which doesn’t take attention of the design of my monogram and visual mark.

Brand Guidelines for Brand

When creating a Brand identify it is very important to consider how other users can portray your brand in future references. It basically is an outline of the DOS and DON’TS of the Monogram, Visual mark and word mark and to show ways They can be used together. This set of guidelines focuses on colour, layout, consistency throughout, type and positioning,

  • Check out my brand guidelines here

Case study 2- My Infographic on 9/11

This is an illustrative Infographic that I created showing the drastic affects of one of the most traumatic terrorist attacks and how America kept going after the disaster.


One of my tasks for module IXD103. Was to create my own infographic on any topic that we find interesting or that we might want to highlight to others. When carrying out my research I noticed that not many people have created infographics to show particular wars and attacks and the affects it had on the world after, I wanted to focus my thoughts into one major terrorist attack that everyone in the world will always remember. When writing down my ideas and ways information can be laid out I started to become very interested in the 9/11 attacks and the drastic affects that it had on over 3,000 lives and families. I felt like there is enough factual information and remembrance to create an infographic on it and not many people have. Not only did I want to focus on the drastic affects it had on the America, but I wanted to make a positive note on how America overcame one of the worlds worst terrorist attacks, and the ways that we remember the fallen.

Gaining the Knowledge

I felt that if I was to design this infographic correctly I would have to have to do a lot of research into the affects of the blast, I read a number of books on the blast and concluded a lot of online research gaining real facts and figures. I found out many tramatising facts that I could not believe about the terrorist attack, I felt that these facts should be shared with the world and an easy way to read them was to make them noticeable to the readers of the infographic was to place them around an illustration of the Twin Towers building before this attack.


I made multiple illustrations for this infographic starting with the Twin tower buildings before the attack, as you scroll down the infographic the 3 planes can then be seen crashing into the sides of the building, as the infographic moves down you can see the blaze of the fire that contributed to the thousands of deaths, this makes the facts more real when reading them placed around the building as it starts to burn. As you go down the infographic It then becomes brighter and happier showing an illustration of Americas New World Trade building and the positive facts that the 9/11 brought them. The last main illustration I created is the 9/11 memorial garden, and some of the ways America honors the fallen still to this year and many more.

Gaining Quotes

I included real quotes in my infographic by researching the web, I found many quotes by famous actors, presidents, the queen and from the families and loved ones of the fallen. I feel by including these in my inforgraphic the information is going to hit the reader of the infographic harder, it will show that the 9/11 wasn’t just thought about in America, but those around the world felt the families pain, even people with high reputation and standard shed a tear for the fallen.

Case study 3-My Travel application

This is mobile app that I created to help people visiting Belfast to find food places that meet their dietary needs in the City Centre of Belfast.

  • Check out my research on my blog


For one of my projects for IXD104  I was assigned to make an app based around any sort of travel, that will be helpful to many users. The app that I decided to create was to be a quick and simple working app that will allow people that require certain dietary needs to find local cafe’s and restaurants in Belfast’s City Centre. I chose to base my app around Belfast because it is the place I know most about. After many critiques the original design process I was going to follow for this application changed as I included research on what makes a good Mobile App. I have  illustrated many different restaurants and cafes that feature different dietary needs foods, I designed these for my app using the software Adobe XD. This application may be full of your favourite food places.


my task was to design an illustrative Mobile app that features the topic of travel. I had to produce 3 digital screens based on my digital and paper wireframes that I created using Adobe XD. I made many different spider diagrams outlining different ideas I had for my Travel app, but the one that stuck out to me was the dietary needs application as many of my friends are vegetarian and vegan, we struggle to find top rated food places that specify both vegan and meat foods, if this app would solve my struggle, I feel as though it would definitely be useful for people of all ages that are new to Belfast. I sketched out many icon and illustration ideas for each section of dietary needs that I would like to conclude, I used books and the web to find out which dietary needs are most common and where in Belfast offers foods for each need.


I created many illustrations for each section of my application, featuring places that do vegan food, vegetarian food, sea food, take away food, gluten free food, healthy food, Chinese food and an “im easy” section for those who are not picky but would like to see high rated restaurants and cafes. I also created icons for each of these foods to allow the user of the application to interact with the application and select which needs suit them. For the opening page of this Application I also created an illustration of Belfast castle saying “Hey there welcome to Belfast”. When creating the icons and illustration I was constantly thinking of the consistency of each making the outlines the same width and and keeping the icons the same size size.

Colour and Prototype

I thought about how the user will interact with the application and how they will know which page they are on even by the colour. I started thinking of which colours users would associate with each dietary need. Once the user clicks their dietary need the arrow at the bottom of the screen will change colour depending on which need was selected, showing the user that this is the option they are about to view. To show how this application is interactive with the user I developed a quick prototype using Adobe XD, showing the user how to navigate from each page.

Contact Me page

I am a developing Interaction Design student, would you like to come with me on my journey through the art of Design and Illustration? If so send me an email using the link below or check out my C.V..

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  • My C.V.
  • Download my C.V. as a PDF document

Blog page

Hi there, feel free to take a look at my blog.. it shows my thought processes and more research into my case studies. I also post what I cover in my lectures each day I am in class and the designers I find inspirational to me.

  • Link to my blog here

About me page

Hi, my name is Anna Letman, an illustrator based in Belfast looking for awesome placement opportunities I would love to get involved in.

So who exactly am I?

I am an illustrative designer based and born in Belfast, in Northern  Ireland. I am constantly learning about Design and how to become the best I can be by studying Interaction Design (IXD), at the Belfast School of Art and Design.

Before I began my journey as an illustrator, I studied Art and Design at Belfast Model School for Girls. I walked out with an A in my A level but no hope as to where I wanted to be! I then applied to do interaction design and just like that I felt like I had found my place to be! I find the UX design process to be fascinating and intriguing, my favored part of my course is working out the problem and finding a solution that meets the needs of the user/client. I am passionate about finding different ways the user can react with a design.

Whether its drawing, designing, photography or dance- I am always known to be a positive happy person defeating every obstacle  in my way to make people feel happy and better about the world around them.

I am currently looking for placement so if you would like to continue my journey through the world of design with me please contact me;

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Also, see more on my social media!!

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