Developing my original logo idea for Digital Product.

Considering advice given during my feedback week- logo for digital product/ Website: London

When presenting my 6 slides of my digital product so far I was able to gain advice on the work I have created so far, the main advice that I wanted to address was my logo, even though my digital product will be featured on a webpage, when creating my logo I only thought of the look of the logo, but not the way it would look if it was to be then made into an app on a smartphone, the design was very confusing and over complicated. The illustration was getting lost. I then thought about making a series of mini logos for my product, one for each different city. I took my first city as an example and thought of ways I could make a more simplistic logo. 

London Underground


I came across inspiration for my mini logos by researching about the landmarks in London, when researching I came across the street sign for the London underground, I liked the circle look of the sign and the writing ontop and decided to try make a logo that was similar.

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