Idea 1: Inventors

One of the main ideas that I came up with was to focus on the inventors of the elements rather than the element itself.


I created a mind map about the inventors idea I came up with. Originally I started this idea with the intentions of it being aimed towards first year undergraduate students studying chemistry in University however, after discussing with my friend Sorcha, who studies organic Chemistry in Queens University, she admitted that learning about the elements in the periodic table was work that she covered in GSCE and A level in Secondary school that hasn’t been touched in her 2 years of studying. In first year of studying chemistry the units she covered were :Organic, inorganic, physical, green chemistry and mathematics. I then went on to ask Sorcha whether she would learn anything about the chemists/ inventors of the elements and to my surprise she does not, having this chat was so useful to me as I would have been creating this product around a completely wrong target market. 

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