Marketing Strategies


Do your customers see your business in the way you’d like them to? Our brand tracking will help you find out. Using a mix of lifelogging techniques and consumer surveys, we explore people’s awareness of and attitudes towards your category and specific brand.

We measure against key attributes that are core to your business – like whether people trust you, if they feel you offer good value for money, or if they think your products are high quality. We can also uncover how people feel about your brand in relation to your competitors. This gives you vital insight into the products, services, and messages that will best help you grow your market share. Our purpose-built customer segmentation tool, HuPa, can be useful here too. It can show you how different groups view your brand, understanding which ones offer the strongest opportunities and which ones need more investment.

With data from both existing and potential customers, our brand health analysis helps you keep people loyal, win back lapsed customers, and gain new business.


If you’re planning an advertising campaign you need to be confident that the investment will boost your business. Whether you’re new to the market and need to grow awareness, or an established brand looking to grow your customer base, how can you be sure that your marketing is effective?

Our ad tracking will tell you what kind of impact your campaign is having in real time. We can find out what your target audience think about a specific advert, whether they recognise it and can distinguish it from a competitor ad, whether it makes them more or less likely to buy from you, and whether it makes them more or less likely to recommend your product. We can also identify the channels where your campaign is getting the most visibility and the highest responses.

Our digital dashboard means you don’t have to wait for a formal feedback presentation – you’ll get live data as we track it. This makes it easy to tweak messaging or design, plan new activities to capitalise on high areas of interest, or reassign budget to the best performing ads and channels.

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