Mind mapping Digital product ideas for elements project.

Okay, so when given my brief I had many ideas that I immediately thought of, I started to mind map a few of the ideas that I would have liked to progress. 


I thought that an interactive game would be a fun way for kids to learn the elements, I mind mapped ideas of games that would help teach.

I then had the idea of promoting healthy eating by learning about elements in the periodic table, I started to look at the elements that can be found in foods and started to think about age group.

I thought a good way to help me with my elements project was to mind map what can you learn from the periodic table, by researching I found many interesting facts that I never heard of before, you can learn a lot about each individual element.

I thought It would also help me with my project if I mind mapped the ways people learn, this would help me think of what to consider when creating my elements product. 

I downloaded a few games that are available on the App Store to see whether many games have been created to learn the elements, there’s a few good ones available.

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