7 Reasons Why Your Website’s Promotion is Super Important

Website promotion is an extremely popular concept in today’s business environment. Nowadays, most offline businesses are turning their attention towards the online space. Having a professional website that represents your brand or business is the best way to start with the right foot in today’s marketplace. Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly. Check an interview with Brand24’s designer, David Tkocz discussing web design.

If we’re talking about an online business, it’s obvious that a website is necessary. But how is your website going to make an impact? After all, you are competing with millions of other web masters that are trying to secure a profitable position in the existing marketplace.

Promoting a website is not difficult, but it isn’t dead simple either. We could state that website promotion is a complex activity which creates a lot of unpredictable variables. When you expect something to turn out just fine, you soon realize that everything went extremely wrong.

Today, we’ll take a short look at few of the popular website promotion strategies. In addition, we’ll analyze the reasons why social media is absolutely critical for your website promotion.

Popular Website Promotion Strategies

There are so many strategies and approaches; the smartest thing to do is to figure out which of the online promotion strategies will suit your business best, and which could bring the biggest potential and benefits.

SEO – Search engine optimization is an amazing source of organic traffic. If you manage to reach the first page of any search engine (Google, Yahoo), you can really expect to have lots of visitors and sales. Besides that, everything’s passive once you establish your ranking positions.

Paid Advertising – There are a lot of advertising options around the web. The most popular one is Google’s advertising platform (Google Adwords), followed by Bing’s Ads. Let’s not forget about social media paid advertising options, but we’ll get into that later. With paid advertising, you’ll be able to directly refer your ads’ viewers to your website.

Social Media – As previously mentioned, social media promotion is one of the top ways to improve your brand’s awareness and create more for your business. A successful social media campaign example would be Dacia.

They’re using Facebook’s boosted posts option in order to improve their brand awareness and increase the sales. Check more successful social media stories here. Note down everything that you believe it’s relevant to your own business.

Also, check a guide to creating an awesome brand!

7 Critical Reasons to Use Social Media for a Promotion

If you’re not yet convinced by the fact that every serious business already has a social media presence, let’s talk about the main reasons for which social media could prove to be a goldmine for your business.

1. Brand Awareness

Whenever your brand awareness improves, your business gains more value. There’s a reason for which big brands products are highly priced. It’s the image that matters; the moment a customer recognizes a name on a product, he’s more likely to choose it instead of some other no-name product.

With social media, you can definitely make your business popular. As the biggest benefit of social media is the sharing option, you can reach hundreds and thousands of potential customers. And it all gets automated and passive!

There’s a whole science of managing your brand awareness with the help of a social listening tool like Brand24. Basically, you can use a social media monitoring tool to reach out to people interested in your industry or the kind of service your provide and let them know you exist. Learn more or start a free trial right here.

2. Professional and Business Opportunities

Social media is great because it allows businesses to connect with each other. For example, if you were selling electronic cigarettes, you could be approached by a company which sells flavors for your e-cigarettes. This way, you can create a beneficial relationship with another business and improve your advertising reach.

I’d suggest using LinkedIn, because it’s the best social media channel dedicated for business professionals. It’s a true gold mine for a business.

3. More Traffic & Followers

An efficient social media profile will be visited and reviewed by lots of people from all over the world. The bigger the profile is – the more people will reach it. Now think of it this way: the traffic that reaches your social profile can be redirected towards your company’s website.

Your profile’s role is to provide value to whoever visits it. Afterward, they’ll be tempted to see more of your services or products. A loyal follower can make you hundreds in revenue if you know how to deal with him for a longer period of time.

4. Increased Income

With more traffic and interest, the overall income of your business will be getting bigger and bigger as the time flies. Marketing campaigns are often a numbers game. So if you’re making ten bucks out of one hundred unique visitors, you’ll be generating around one hundred bucks for every one thousand unique visitors.

And there’s nothing that can stop you from building a bigger followers base and also bigger brand awareness.

5. Networking and Connections

Oh, let’s not forget about the amazing networking opportunities you can obtain once you set your foot in the market. As previously mentioned, with the use of social media, getting in touch with business professionals is a piece of cake.

Once you connect with someone that can prove to be useful for your company, you can create a profitable long-term relationship. I’d suggest focusing on Twitter and LinkedIn, but Facebook is also a great option for these aspects.

And here are more reasons why social networking is important for your business.

6. Improved Customer’s Loyalty

By constantly engaging with your followers through the use of your social media channels you can easily improve your customer’s loyalty. More than often, people choose to go on recommendations.

If your social media profiles are offering a lot of value, you can expect your potential customers to trust you more and try buying the first recommended product. Once they bought once and enjoyed it, they’ll be happy to do it again.

7. Smaller Investment

It doesn’t matter if your budget is huge or tiny. Social media promotion is something that lasts, something that can be established without big sums of money, and something that can get close to the “passive traffic” idea.

In a few words, whenever you create a social media profile page and add enough content, you can sit back and relax while everything gets automated. That means that you’re not going to spend more money unless you specifically want to go for paid advertising options.

If creating content is not your thing, I’d suggest using a professional writing service that can craft you personalized content according to your needs. Whenever I need to outsource content, I’m choosing Australian Writings service. They’re really professional and not very expensive.


Not having a social media presence would be a huge mistake for any contemporary business. The potential opportunities you’ll get from establishing your social presence are huge. A successful social media campaign could generate a lot of traffic and potential sales for your business!

Start taking into consideration the previously mentioned reasons and benefits, and start taking immediate action. Instead of just leaving this article, you can think of few ways in which you can leverage social media for your own specific business.

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