Final Critique changes before hand in for Promotional Website

Before our hand in’s for our semester one for our IXD302 module we had to present a 11 minute pitch on our digital products and our promotional websites. Lucky enough the feedback I recieved wasn’t alot but I was given multiple opinions as to how I could improve my site. One of the main things I learnt about myself is my use of capitals. Capitals are not needed to make content stand out, instead they make the site very in your face screaming content at the user. By going through my site and making the capitals lowercase it improved the professionalism of the site. Another element I was advised on changing was the pink strip of colour behind the cityscapes, this was seen as uncomfortable on the screen and not needed. Another thing I realised about my Promotional website when showing the video prototype posted below, I saw that the footer at the top of the page goes under some of the text and images on the site when scrolling down, I found out if the buttons, background and logo is grouped and moved to the front of everything, the website will maintain its fixed scrolling position with the header staying at the top. I also learnt from my presentation feedback that I always need a little bit more refinement with my projects, I suppose this is something that I will improve on whilst continuing my journey through design.

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