Introduction to IXD303/Designing User Experiences.

Lecture notes 28/01/20

Throughout our module IXD303 Chris will be helping us learn and focus on User Experience design and Human Centred Interactions. Today we talked about User Experience/human Centred Interaction Designers such as; Bruce Tognazzini, Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman and more.

Today we also covered the brief for this project, we need to think of a smart and efficient way to present the news in a more accessible way for a specific user group. One of the main reasons for this project is to find successful business models for digital age, this being said the newspaper industry are already having to make readjustments to a digital future as physical paper sales have been falling for years with consumers now being able to gain access to news on a constant and instant online level.  It is said that some brands in the UK now see more than 150 million monthly visits online.

TV, international and local news  (79%)
Internet (64%) 
online news (44%)
Radio (44%) 
Newspapers (40%).

 Deliverables and Expectations

The module IXD303 is worth 40 credits, 40 credits is = to 400 hours of work.

– 60% Body of work: 260 hours work

-40% Supporting materials: 140 hours work.

Now to get started I must:

1. Start researching news competitors: BBC, Telegraph, News for teens, The Guardian, Magazines, New York times and more.

2. Start looking at layouts of apps, websites and other digital ways to view the news- i want to understand in which ways they make the content appealing to their target market. I want to see which colours, typefaces, illustrations, grids and layouts they use. 

3. Competitor Benchmarking: Costs to use competitors, apps, online, newspapers, e-books, paywalls.

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