Analysing Belfast Telegraph: News application for inspiration.


So, the next news application that I decided to analyse is the Belfast Telegraph application. The Belfast telegraph was first published on 1st September 1870 by brothers William and George Baird. The Belfast Telegraph was entirely broadsheet until 19 February 2005, when the Saturday morning edition was introduced and all Saturday editions were converted to compact.

When you first launch the application there is a series of screens which allows you to edit your newsfeed, there are 5 pop up boxes that appear asking you to select most relatable to me and showing me some of the top features of the application, the pop up boxes are:

  1. Favourites
  2. Customise navigation
  3. Navigate Stories
  4. Bookmark an Article
  5. Access Your Bookmarks

When the app shows you the features, it then directs you onto the top stories page featuring a large image of the Top story and listing more below. One thing I like about the whole general app is the top bar. The top bar along the screens shows all the different categories of news that the user selected in the pop up boxes. The app then allows the user to delete and add as many categories as they would like, not only that but it let you reorganise the order and favourite the categories in the list bar.

Another way of seeing the catagories of the news is to use the menu icon located at the top left of any of the news sections. I don’t really feel like a list is the best way to show the information although what I do particularly  like is the little arrows that is featured on some of the sections, when the arrow is clicked it allows you to be specific about what news you are looking for example as for the “Northern Ireland” section, the options available when the arrow is clicked is “Politics” “Education” and “Sunday Life”, I like this as the user won’t need to then scroll down the Northern Ireland section to look for a piece about NI politics. 

Another feature I found useful was the text resize that is available on the Belfast Telegraph app. Text resize can change the audience of the app from a small region to a wide variety, by being able to resize the text it makes the app feel alot more comfortable to the user as they can adjust the text to suit themselves.  

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