Analysing The Guardian: News application for inspiration.


So, I felt before I go away and start mind mapping crazy Ideas for which way I want to show the news and what I would like to feature, I felt because there are so many different news apps that analysing a few of them would give me an understanding of what I liked and what I didn’t like in some of the apps created to show the news on a phone. The first app that I analysed was The Guardian. When downloading and first opening this application, I noted that the first screen shown is basically a very long digital newspaper. The newspaper features many different topics such as:

  • Headlines
  • spotlights
  • Today
  • Opinion
  • Sport
  • Life Style
  • Videos
  • From UK
  • Around World
  • Documentaries 
  • Culture
  • Take Part
  • Cross-words

At the bottom of the first opening screen of the app there are 3 words along the bottom and a icon. The 3 words represent the 3 different features for the guardian App, they are; 

  1. Home
  2. Discover
  3. Live

From first opening the app and scrolling along the large digital newspaper they feature you see alot of different topics, headlines, puzzles, but when Discover or Live is clicked at the bottom of the screen, your hopes go downhill when you see to get the discover feature and live you have to subscribe. 

The guardian offers a premium to use these features;

“Your time is precious, spend it with us”

£31.99/ 6 months- saves 10%

£56.99/12 months-saves 20%


I particularly like the style the pop up subscribe box is shown in. The colour is a very bright yellow colour, which is very positive. The typeface used is very bold and stands out to the user. The “start your 7-day trial” button is very large and eye-catching because of the contrast between the black button and the yellow background, makes it easy to read and stands out. Another feature i like about the Guardians buttons is the arrow icon that is on the button, icons help the reader navigate and sit centrally inside an imaginary circle at the edge of the button.


Although because of the high price, the guardian offers a free 7-day trial, which allows the users to try out the special features to see whether they feel like the price is affordable to the product.

Try Premium 

I like how on the try premium sign up screen, they give the user very short but bold features to subscribing. The features listed makes sure to tell the user that they will gain access to the other two sections listed on the first page: Live and Discover so the app will become 100% accessible when fully subscribed, again I like how this page is laid out and the colours used. The top features are listed boldly the top of the page, with the prices below, the below that we have the same black button which contrasts against the positive bright yellow colour.

Categories button

The icon listed at the bottom of the first screen is a menu icon. When the icon is clicked a pop up menu shows up on the left of the screen showing different stories, categories, games etc. The first thing that comes to eye when this is clicked is the “subscribe” button which is boldly listed at the top of the menu. I liked the small icons at the bottom of the list, I feel like icons make the design a lot more user friendly and text heavy on the eye.

One thing i noticed from analysing the Guardian news app was the different colours used. I got very confused after using this app as I was then unsure of the guardians brand colours. Each section available : Live, Discover and Home all use different colours depending on the screen that it is on. The button live is in red, so when the live screen is clicked the background features red. The button Discover is in yellow, so any sign up page is in yellow. The Button Home is in blue where the banner is then blue. In my opinion I like how the colours are done because it helps the user know which page they’re on but it also looks very unprofessional and unbranded.


Another thing which confused me when I first opened the app was that the words for “The Guardian” are in the top right corner, I wondered why the company did this and didn’t show the name in the middle of the header. However after looking at the guardians brand guidelines, this became much clearer. 


Typography used on Guardian App


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