Sherlock Favourite colour


In a game of Truth or Dare with John, Sherlock has to share his favourite colour. John wasn’t expecting the answer, or reason, he got.

Story Scene where Sherlock admits his favourite colour.

Work Text:

“Truth or dare?”

“John, really this is ridicu-“

“No, Sherlock, you were bored and told me to entertain you. All we have for board games is Cluedo, and I am never playing that again, so we’re playing this.  Now, truth or dare?”

Sherlock gave a long suffering sigh. “Fine, if you are determined we act like children, truth.”

John looked at the ceiling for a moment in thought.  “All right, what is your favourite colour?”

Discomfort flew across Sherlock’s face before boredom intentionally replaced it.  “Out of everything you could ask for you choose such insignificant information?”

Like a dog that wouldn’t let go of a toy, John pressed on. “Well if it’s so insignificant you should be able to answer it easily then shouldn’t you?”

Giving in, Sherlock mumbled, “Pink.”

John leaned forward and huffed out a brief laugh. “Really? Pink is your favourite colour?”

Sherlock nodded.


“Remember the case in Duringford Fields and the blonde who wanted to bed you before the week was out?”

John shuddered at the memories.

“While dealing with her, your cheeks held the most enticing pinkish hue.”

John felt his face redden as his mouth went dry.

Sherlock got up from his chair and walked to John’s. He stopped less than an inch away and bent down. “You look delicious when you blush.”

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