Sketch noting

What is sketch noting?

Did you know that adding sketches to your notes taps into parts of your brain that would lie dormant if you only used words to write notes and explore ideas. Sketch noting is combining words and visuals whilst taking notes or exploring ideas.

Sketch noting doesn’t give you an exact way to take notes, but instead presents the user with a range of tools to create customised notes, that work well with your style of learning and personality. So for people who like doodling, they’re notes might be heavy with sketches. Or for those who like working with words, you ,might mostly use that but bring in some diagrams here and there to help organise the words.

3 parts of Sketch-noting

Part 1

Skethnoting skills; Tools that will make up your note-taking pencil case. By sketchnoting you will learn how to use handwritten fonts, arrows, stick figures, icons, colours and many more things that make your notes memorable. 

Part 2

Sketch-noting Progress. How can you combine the individual tools from above into a note taking process? by using flowcharts, mind maps, pie charts and many other ways to get your ideas out and onto the page

Part 3

Applying your sketch noting skills to a specific subject area. This will help decide which classes and subjects are best sketch-noting or which classes work better with preferred words and  phrases.

Pens recommend by Chris for Sketch-noting

  1. Pilot G- Tee C4 Microtip roller pens
  2. Tombow ABT N75 Dual Brush Pen
  3. Tombow (6 pack)

One main thing to walk away from after reading The Sketchnote hand book, is that anyone has the skills to sketch note, those with artistic drawing talents and those not so much. This book teaches you that if you can draw the 5 simple elements:

  • Line
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Dot

You can draw anything!

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