Sherlock Holmes stories : looking at type

When researching various websites for typography inspirations I came across this website that allows you to download all the Sherlock Holmes stories for free in almost every format. Originally these files from the new copyright- free text were built as a fun exercise in order to learn about TeX, Typesetting and Typography in general. 

Initially, the stories were transformed into XML files containing all requried content and markup information – whether, for example, a dot finishes a sentence or is used as abbreviation punctuation. Using various tools, these files are then converted into PDF, HTML, ePUB or plain-text files. 

As well as using this website to download the Sherlock Holmes books to expand my knowledge on the series. I also felt quite interested in the design of the Sherlock Holmes website as it is designed based around Sherlock Holmes. I felt that the grey shades used really match the old fashioned mystery theme, especially being used with the newspaper background and dark border colour. I like how each of the download formats are in a darker grey shade on the website with a white typeface as they stand out as the main feature and purpose for the website. One last thing that I liked about the website is the illustration featured, I feel like the style of this illustration is very messy and old fashioned , almost like it has been printed in a newspaper article.

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