Style Tiles

What are style tiles?

Style Tiles are a design consisting of fonts, colours, interface elements that communicate the visuals of a project. Style tiles help form a visual language between the designer and the client, Style tiles allow the designer to have a discussion about the goals of the project with the client.

Style Tiles instead of mood board

Style tiles are used when mood boards are too vague and literal. Style tiles help establish a connection with the elements you wish to place on the interface without defining the actual layout. Style tiles can also be used by the client who have established their own brand identify and want them exact interface elements to be used on a website etc. 

The word “mood” is associating with brand and brand identify

The word “style” was chosen to mirror “cascading stylesheets” and reinforce that Style Tiles are specific to Web design.

Way to create style tiles:

1. Listen 

2. Interpret

3. Define visual language


Style Tile Template – Adobe XD

by Oscar Cortez


Style Tiles for Applications


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