What do people want from the news.

By reading an article on the web by Kim Christian Schrøder- Professor of Communication, Roskilde University, I learnt more about how members of the public make descisons about what news to engage with via social media platforms and devices.

The study performed to obtain this material uses an innovative, qualitative approach that can reveal latent patterns in the news repertoires people cultivate as well as the factors that drive those preferences.

One of the key factors that inspired me after reading this article when creating my news project I want to highly consider something that affects the reader and their life. The study showed that:

People want to find stories most relevant that affect their personal ives, their family members, the place they work, their leisure activities and their local community.

People believe in shareablity. A wish to share and tag a friend or family member on social media. 

People frequently click on stories that are amusing, trivial, or weird, with no obvious civic focus. But they maintain a clear sense of what is trivial and what matters. On the whole people want to stay informed about what goes on around them, at the local, national, and international levels.

Study shows there are 4 different groups of people that observe the news, these are:

  • Repertoire 1: People with political and civic interest in news
  • Repertoire 2: People with a social-humanitarian interest in news
  • Repertoire 3: People with a cultural interest in news
  • Repertoire 4: People who seek (political) depth stories

One of the main highlights for my audience of my globe news application is being aimed people with a more cultural interest in the news, they will be able to select relevant news to suit their interests from around the 7 continents.

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