Updating user flow after testing:


User feedback: 

After testing my updated user flow for my news app: World Independent for the second time I was able to gain feedback about what my app and user flow is missing. To do this I allowed 10 different people to use my app over the age of 18, the audience of people;e varied from 18-21. By doing this I was able to test my app with an audience of the same target 17-20 year olds, giving me a sense of what I need to include and what else I can include to allow the user flow to be clearer and more defined. The changes suggested when observing my user’s navigate through my user flow are: 

I noticed the user trying to navigate back to the continent with all of the names after searching a continent from the “search” icon. I notice when I asked them to return I found the looking to the left corner for a “back” button. 

I notice that the user is not familiar with the continents and to search for a particular country they have to use the “search” icon as there are no labels.

I notice that there is not much of a variation of each of the countries when the “search icon” is clicked. The user suggested that I add flags of each of the countries making each more noticeable and known to the user. 

I notice that the user tried to find information not only around the world news but the news in their region,  the user suggests I add a location feature, that will allow the user to find where their interests are most common in their own city/country. The user suggests the location button to be present on each page and when clicked it will move the map to show their location.

I noticed when most of the users were navigating through the continents they were getting frustrated at the time the animation was taking.

I noticed that the user didn’t like the — options icon on the upper left of the screen and how the menu appears which is from bottom to top. The user suggested when that icon is clicked the screen should move to a different screen all together called menu. 

I noticed when watching the users navigate through my app that the menu list is boring as there are no icons, the list is very mundane and not very encouraging for the user to click onto. 

Another thing I learnt from concluding this user test was that on the landing page I have put the options “create account” “log in”. Although on the create account page I have put the option “sign up”. I feel as though having different phrases to mean the same action is confusing the flow of the app to the user.

****** Tips

–  use colour for specific topics

– use colours for specific countries

– use flags to represent each country 

– shorten animation times

– add a back button

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