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So today is the first day after submitting my work for semester 2 and to be honest I have started to find myself effortless with no work ethnic due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

My Uni modules seemed to keep me more occupied and helped me with staying indoors as I had something to aim towards and focus on. 

So this morning I took a half hour to think about what I can do to improve myself as the UI/UX designer I hope to be one day.

1. The first thing I would like to improve on is my portfolio website, as I am still on the hunt for  a placement for my 3rd year of my degree. I have been struggling with gaining a placement recently as it is the last thing companies are looking towards during the Covid-19 outbreak so over the next few weeks I will be aiming on improving my website so after the outbreak is over I will be satisfied with my portfolio site.

  • MAIN FEATURE TO IMPROVE IS TO START ADDING MY RECENT CASE STUDIES. Showing my thought process from start to finish.

2. Another thing I would like to work on and improve is the brand that represents me.  A reason for wanting to do this over the next few weeks is my age change, when I designed my brand in my first semester of university I was 18 years old, 2 years have passed now and from the experience I have gained over the last 2 years I feel like I have enough experience to design a brand that perfectly suits me and my image as a designer. 

3. Another element I would like to improve on is my design C.V for applying to placements, I don’t want to work on the design so much but the things I am proud of in my life and the softwares that I am familiar with, I would love to have a huge range of softwares that I am up to date with to show my ability to work on any software requested by the company that might hire me. 

4. Another thing I would like to focus on is this illustration below. I have been working on creating this illustration when I am in my front garden as it sadly represents my view for the next while, I have high hopes for this illustration as I am going to mock it up so the house’s look glum but you can see hope and happiness on the horizon, which is still to come, showing a little bit of hope to those who need it during this sad time.


5. Another thing I would love to improve is my drawing skills, drawing has always been a passion for me, its a way to focus my mind on something relaxing and to take my mind off other things, I haven’t really had the chance to focus a lot on drawing so I am going to use this free time to do so. 

6. I am going to use Slack to gain feedback from other designers from all around NI on my projects from last semester, I am going to do this to improve my recent projects so they are at the best of my ability.

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