Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim Uprising

Another movie I watched whilst on lockdown was Pacific Rim Uprising. I took inspiration from the main Jaeger called Gipsy Avenger. I Googled the name and took a photo that I thought would look cool done in more my kinda style.

I traced the basic outline of Gipsy Avenger and used the eyedropper tool to pick out colours to fill in each section. My style is more messy work with more vibrant colours and I really like how this turned out. The extra detailing of the lines I found were a nice touch and the graduated background shows the light and dark areas more effectively. I also really loved how the main power core turned out, with the mixed colours, it reminds me of stained glass with how bright the colours are. I completed this drawing to try and get more used to Adobe Illustrator and to play around with different backgrounds, pens and colours etc.

What a nice illustration of Gipsy Avenger from the movie Pacific Rim. The extra detailing and mixed colours really make this illustration perfect.

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