Portfolio website session feedback.


So I had my second meeting with my Design mentor yesterday and we are off to a start on our first project – redesigning and updating my portfolio website. One of the main reasons I would like to redesign my portfolio website is to obtain a placement for the third year of my degree, I also feel looking back that my portfolio website was a very rushed process, with writing the contents designing, learning to code and code in a matter of months.

I felt very restricted trying to show the original design in the overall coded portfolio website as there were aspects that I could not produce the same as how I wanted it to look in the prototype created. Russell has introduced me to a design application called WebFlow, which is an easy design application that allows you to design your website code free!! my dream…

The first thing I aim to work on before thinking of any design elements is rewriting the content I would like to put across on my portfolio website. I am thinking of condensing my Home and About page into one single page expressing what I do and What I am looking for from my portfolio website. 

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