Digital tutorial and Promotional website


For this case study the situation is to create a digital product that will provide a service to a specific end-user, specifically a way for the user to learn something new or to update their skills on a topic. People are always looking for courses/tutorials to expand their skill set. 


For the Module IXD302: creative Entrepreneurship, I was assigned a task to design a digital product and a website that will be used to promote/sell the digital product. The reason for this is to make sure I am prepared for starting up my own future business and can follow the correct steps when creating a product/service. I was tasked with coming up with:

  • A reasonable price to sell the product
  • A name/ slogan/ brand for the product
  • A specific target audience/end user
  • A website design promoting the product


After carrying out all the relevant research and mind mapping ideas I came to the conclusion of creating a digital tutorial that will teach designers mainly (UI/UX) Designers the fundamentals of illustration, in hopes to further their knowledge and develop their work. I chose to feature the tutorial on cityscape illustrations as they require basic knowledge of common shapes e.g;

  • Triangles
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Line
  • Kite

My aim of the tutorial is to provide tutorials to any users capital but in the given time frame I was able to create two main illustrations;

  • London (The London Eye, The Gherkin, Buckingham Palace)
  • New York (The Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, The World Trade centre)

The tutorial home pages each have a coloured background featuring the colours of the capitals flag.

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