World Independent prototype

The Situation

Nowadays the newspaper industry is having to constantly make readjustments to focusing on a more digital news future, this is because physical papers sales have been falling for years with consumers now able to gain access to news on a constant and instant online level, allowing consumers to read news anywhere without the use of a physical paper. It is said that some brands in the United Kingdom now see more than 150 million monthly visits online.

  • TV, international and local news  (79%)
  • Internet (64%) 
  • Online news (44%)
  • Radio (44%) 
  • Newspapers (40%).

The TaskĀ 

The task assigned for my module IXD303 was to think of a smart / efficient and presentable way to present the news for a very specific end user. As well as using Adobe XD to develop a detailed prototype of how the user will navigate throughout the application.

The Action

After researching many news competitors and analysing many different news applications, I decided to carry out a Facebook questionnaire to get first hand knowledge of what people like to see and why people read the news, I asked questions that included:

  • How many times a week do you read the news?
  • What media do you use to view the news?
  • Do you read the news?
  • What topic do you enjoy most?
  • Where do you see the news advertised?
  • Do you prefer worldwide or hometown news?
  • What age are you?

This helped me gather an understanding of who is mostly viewing the news, what topics they are most interested in reading about, what media they most often use to view, and whether they prefer reading home news or learning news from all regions.

The Result

After carrying out primary research on the news, I found it would be the most effective for me to create an Iphone/Ipad application that allows the user to engage with news from all around the world. When looking into competitors applications I found that many/if not all were very mundane, with images, large amounts of text, typography and menus to navigate to different topics, but not many followed an interactive personal lay out, allowing the consumer to select the news depending on the topics they are most interested in as well as only showing small amounts of text for users with minimal reading skills. As of this I wanted to make sure my app would be:

  • Eye-catching
  • Interactive (almost a fun like experience)
  • Illustrative 
  • Colour coded
  • Small amounts of text
  • Personal 
  • Easily navigated

I decided to make the app personal to each individual user by allowing them to select 3 topics that interest them, the user also has the option to add more topics if a premium account is selected. In regards to making the app illustrative and interactive I based the application on interactive maps. Doing so allows the user to navigate through each of the continents :

  1. Asia
  2. Australia
  3. Africa
  4. North America
  5. South America
  6. Europe
  7. Antarctica

The user can then use the menu to select which country within each continent that they wish to explore. The application also tells the user which country has the most news based on each of the topics chosen, In regards to colour, I gave each of the topics a different colour codes, allowing the user to simply see what’s mainly going on in the continent by only glancing at the screen and seeing the colour.

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